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Products List

Product List

  • Stainless Steel Hand Tools

    Stainless Steel Hand Tools

    Stainless steel has the property of not rusting. However, if tools out of conventional steel are used for stainless steel components or screws, the wear particles from these tools can adhere to the surface and rust. This effect –known as extraneous rust – can impair the visual appearance and even cause structural damage that may result in high costs for the repair work. The wear particles that cause this rust effect can be prevented by using stainless steel tools.

    With its stainless steel tool product line, Sistema is able to provide tools which meet the specific demands of target industry sectors such as pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, micromechanics, semiconductor, aerospace, electronics and many more.

  • Ultrasonic Demi Water Fog Generators

    Ultrasonic Demi Water Fog Generators AFM6 | AFM12 | AFM18

    In compliance with the relevant standard ISO 14644 PArt 3 Annex B7, periodically cleanroom operators are obliged to supply evidence of their actual airflows prevailing inside cleanrooms. This is achieved by mapping air flows using high purity water fog generators, for example.

    The ultrasonic water aerosol/fog AFM6 | AFM12 | AFM18 (AFM-V = Air Flow Mapper) do make use of non-contaminating purified water to enable airflows to be visualized in cleanrooms accordingly ISO 14644-3 Annex B7.


    - Visualizing airflow patterns around equipment, tools, hallways, door entries and operators
    - Locating standing notices that may transport airborne contaminants to critical work areas.
    - Troubleshooting
    - Making photographic or video recordings of airflow patterns
    - Flow balancing
    - Optimizing equipment layouts to minimize the transfer of contaminants to critical areas
    - Locating unsuspected particulate and gaseous contaminants to critical areas.
    - Finding air infiltration routes into cleanrooms
    - Visualizing standing vortices in laminar-flow cleanrooms
    - Studying wake flows behind objects in vertical laminar-flow and mixed-flow cleanrooms
    - Training operators about good contamination control practices

  • LNG Fog Generators

    Ultrapure combined nitrogen demineralized (demi) water fog machines AFM-LNG-1 I AFM-LNG-2.

    The AFM.LNG series are high density, portable fog-generating systems for visualizing air flows and turbulences in semiconductor and pharmaceutical facilities. Both available fog systems provide the highest volume, highest density, highest purity and lowest pressure output of cleanroom foggers on the market.

    Both systems are high-purity fog generators designed for visualizing airflows in cleanrooms. These fog generators produce a high-density fog by mixing steam with liquid nitrogen to produce small (3 µm in diameter), pure water droplets suspended in a nitrogen carrier gas. The resulting fog is highly visible and non-contaminating. The droplets leave no measurable residues when they evaporate in the cleanroom air. The foggers meet the most stringent demands of modern semiconductor and pharmaceutical cleanrooms. As the fog generators are non-contaminating, they are suitable for use in cleanrooms in operation without having to interrupt ongoing production or other activities taking place in the cleanroom.