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If you require reliable cleanroom performance testing in Singapore, you’ve reached the right place. Cleanzones offers a comprehensive range of testing procedures and cleanroom certification services to ensure your facility is operating well within guidelines. Providing cleanroom performance testing, HVAC air balancing, fumigation, duct leak tests,  compressed dry air (CDA) testing, clean-air devices testing, temperature mapping services, etc., we have the equipment and the expertise to secure your cleanroom certification. 

Airborne Particle Count Cleanliness Classification Test


Airflow Volume/ Velocity Test

Cleanzones is your one-stop partner when it comes to cleanroom performance testing in Singapore. We perform a full cycle of rigorous testing to ensure peak cleanroom performance, with proven experience over years of working with pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology developers, microelectronics manufacturers, research laboratories, surgical theaters, F&B suppliers, and more.

We understand that the task of maintaining cleanroom performance can sometimes get in the way of your operations, such as if your technicians are engaged in R&D and need to devote their focus to the task at hand. As one of the leading providers of cleanroom performance testing in Singapore that is also accredited by the US National Environmental Balancing Bureau, we guarantee accuracy and integrity in all we do. Whether your facility requires Cleanroom Performance Testing, 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance in Temperature/RH Mapping, or Compressed Dry Air (CDA) testing, we will work towards ensuring your operations can carry on unimpeded.

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Compressed Air Quality Testing

Your cleanroom operation will need to be in line with specific regulatory standards and requirements depending on the industry you are in. With our years of experience in assisting clients across various sectors, we are well-equipped to help you navigate these regulatory challenges and secure your cleanroom certification.

Accordingly, whichever testing procedures and computation methods we utilize – such as cleanroom performance testing, HVAC air balancing, or compressed dry air (CDA) testing – will conform to the international Standards, Procedures, 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance and Recommended Practices, or any other standards specified by the owner:

  • ISO 14644, cGMP, PIC/s, IEST etc.
  • NEBB Procedural Standards for Certified Testing of Cleanrooms



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